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Have you been thinking about God?
Perhaps you've been thinking…"Who is God? Does God care about me? Can God help me with my life? Does God give me hope?

Good news!  God gives us answers about Himself and answers about ourselves! Most importantly, in all of God's answers are the real answers, the Truth! The Northeast church of Christ is made up of Christians who have had these questions themselves. The answers are found through God's Son Jesus Christ, and in God's Word, the Bible. If you're like us, it helps to talk to someone about your thoughts. Please visit or contact us so we can meet you and discuss God's answers. Contact us.

              Times of Assembly
Sunday Morning
    Bible Study - All Ages     9:00am
    Worship Services          10:00am
Sunday Afternoon
    Worship Services            5:00pm
Wednesday Evening
    Bible Study - All Ages     7:30pm